Case Studies

Akili Dada’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Enhancement


Tunza Safeguarding partnered with Akili Dada from November 2022 to July 2023. The project involved conducting an organization capacity assessment, reviewing their Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, and creating an abridged version of the policy. Additionally, Tunza Safeguarding supported the development of the Akili Dada Training of Trainers (ToT manual) and conducted a ToT Safeguarding training. This assignment was successfully completed and approved, showcasing Tunza Safeguarding’s commitment to strengthening child protection.

Moving the Goalposts’ Safeguarding Social Enterprise

2021 - 2022

Tunza Safeguarding engaged with Moving the Goalposts (MTG) from July 2021 to March 2022. This project involved conducting an organization capacity assessment, developing safeguarding curricula and manuals, training MTG’s team as Master Trainers, and translating Child and Young Person’s Protection Policy into Swahili. The project was successfully completed and approved, showcasing Tunza Safeguarding’s support in establishing safeguarding practices in social enterprises.

SOS Children’s Village Somalia’s (Somalia CV) National Care Parent Profession User Guide


Tunza Safeguarding worked with SOS CV Somalia in 2021 to develop a national care professional user guide tailored to SOS CV Somalia’s operating context, programming, and the national laws and policies. The assignment included an assessment of SOS CV Somalia’s capacity and readiness to implement the guide. The project was completed and approved, underscoring Tunza Safeguarding’s ability to provide context-specific safeguarding solutions.

Child Safeguarding Review at Bridge International Academies

July – September 2020

In 2020, Tunza Safeguarding conducted a review and assessment of child safeguarding, particularly against sexual abuse, at Bridge International Academies in Kenya. This assignment included establishing the incidence rate of child sexual abuse in government primary schools and analyzing policies on child protection. The findings were published in a report, demonstrating Tunza Safeguarding’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

Mennonite Central Committee’s Training Safeguarding Manual

November 2020

Tunza Safeguarding developed a Training Safeguarding Manual for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in November 2020. Additionally, they conducted Focal Point Safeguarding Training for MCC’s Latin and Central American country offices. This assignment was successfully completed and approved. Highlighting Tunza Safeguarding’s role in empowering organizations with the tools to educate and protect their staff.

Community Action Aid South Sudan’s Adult and Child Safeguarding Policy


In 2019, Tunza Safeguarding supported Community Action Aid (CAO) South Sudan in developing and implementing an Adult and Child Safeguarding Policy. This project included facilitating capacity assessments and conducting safeguarding training for CAO staff. The assignment was successfully completed and approved, reflecting Tunza Safeguarding’s commitment to promoting safeguarding practices in challenging environments.

Global Development Incubator’s Safeguarding and Inclusion Training


Tunza Safeguarding conducted a review of the Safeguarding Policy and facilitated staff training on Safeguarding and Inclusion for the Global Development Incubator 2019. The assignment was successfully completed and approved, demonstrating Tunza Safeguarding’s role in enhancing awareness and understanding of safeguarding principles in the non-profit sector.