What we can do for you

Safeguarding Audits & Risk Assessments

We conduct comprehensive audits and risk assessments of an organization’s existing safeguarding practices, policies and procedures, identifying gaps and areas of improvement, and providing a clear understanding of their current safeguarding status and evaluating potential vulnerabilities. 

Training and Capacity Development

We provide education and skill-building for staff, volunteers and stakeholders on safeguarding principles, reporting mechanisms, and ethical conduct. Well-trained personnel are better equipped to implement safeguarding measures effectively, creating a safer environment for staff, stakeholders, beneficiaries and customers

Policy & Procedure Development

We create and enhance safeguarding policies, guidelines and protocols tailored to a client’s specific needs and local context. Customized policies and procedures ensure that organisations have a clear framework for preventing and responding to safeguarding incidents.

Independent Safeguarding Investigations

We have a well-established track record in the efficient execution of intricate investigations, including those of a sensitive, security-cleared, or high-profile nature. Our process involves an exhaustive review of relevant documentation such as interview transcripts, meeting minutes, policies, codes of conduct, disciplinary records, Read More

Emotional Well-being

We offer a rich variety of resources and tools designed to assist in nurturing and supporting the mental and emotional health of individuals and organizations. We provide tailored programs and interventions to promote resilience, emotional intelligence, and a positive psychological environment.